LAMIREL PCB Europe s.r.o.

Printed circuit boards


phone+420 493 539 011 

We are company from Czech Republic with focusing on deliveries unassemled printed circuit boards in low and medium series

výrobce tištěných spojů
výroba tištěných spojů
dodavatel tištěných spojů

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

Deliveries of printed circuit boards unassembled, singlesided, doublesided, multilayr in all available materials with surface finishing, all in standard IPC-A600 class 2.

  • Onesided Printed Circuit Boards
  • Doublesided Printed Circuit Boards
  • Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards
  • Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards

Assembling and soldering

Assembling THT and SMT components by machine or by hand in lead free technology, testing of complete boards, ESD packing. We can purchase all components, revival of PCB and completion.

  • Surface mount technology
  • Through hole technology
  • Combiantion of THT and SMT assembling
  • Completing and testing of electronic assembly

SMT stencils

Deliveries of laser cut stencil for printing solder past or glue in thickness 100,120, 150 and 250um in dimension accordiong your needs.

  • Etched stencils
  • Laser cut stencils
  • Stencils in aluminium frame

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